Hyatt Regency Osaka

Urban Resort Wedding

Outdoor freestanding chapel is named as "eternal" surrounded by the tree and clear water, supporting by the roof and numerous of white circular decoration which is comes from the crystallization of the idea. Holding a wedding ring, witness the wedding in the church in the process leaving the most beautiful memories and love oath. Looks sunlight shining during the day time and water surface reflections at night to make it fantasy.

Wedding plan

Full of happiness and warmest surrounded you during wedding in Osaka.
wedding in Osaka

Package Description
Package includes the following content in the wedding package

Party Plan

Banquet package which can be chosen according to number of guest.
Osaka Party Plan

  • Party menu
    The Bay Loung
    A nice view of landscape in Osaka city look up from Air Ballroom. Use "Residence" as the theme that provided for comfortable space and accommodate more than 60 guests.
  • Party menu
    Small banquet
    Also have an exquisite ballroom to accommodate a small number of guests.
  • Party menu
    Small banquet
    Also have an exquisite ballroom to accommodate a small number of guests.
  • The Party plan A
  • The Party plan B
  • The Party plan C
  • The Party plan A

    Your Expression

    Party menu Party menu Party menu

    »Seafood Panaché with Red Bell Pepper Coulis
     and Potato Parmentier
    »SoleRoulade with Caviar, Potato Purée,
     Vegetable Parisienne and White Wine Sauce
    »Mushroom and Bacon Broth with Puff Pastry
    »Grilled Half Lobster with Sabayon and NantuaSauce
    »Blood Orange Sherbet
    »Pan-fried Japanese Beef Tenderloin, FoieGras on
     Simmered White Radish, Wasabi and Truffle Madeira Sauce
    »White Chocolateand Raspberry Tart with Lime,
     Mascarpone Ice Cream

  • The Party plan B


    Party menu Party menu Party menu

    »Japanese Delicacies
    »Seasonal Vegetable Surinagashi Soup with Potato Gnocchi
    »Pan-fried Sea Bass on Sauteed Spinach,
     Clam and Bacon Broth
    »Lemon Mint Granite
    »Sauteed Veal Tenderloin with Veal Sweetbread,
     Mushroom a la Creme and Madeira Sauce
    »Traditional Red Bean Rice and Red Miso Soup
    »Fromage BlancMousse with White Chocolate Ice Cream
     and Strawberry Sauce »Coffee

  • The Party plan C


    Party menu Party menu Party menu

    »Salmon Gravlax with Orange, Dill and Sour Cream
    »Pumpkin Soup with Maple Syrup Cream
    »Steamed Sea Bass on Spinach, Seafood a la Creme,Red Bell Pepper Coulis
    »Pan-fried Beef Sirloin with Onion Compote and Honey Red Wine Sauce
    »Seasonal Fresh Fruit with Raspberry Rose Cream and Yogurt Sauce


  • OsakaHerbis Ent 3F,
    2-2-22 Umeda Kita-kui Osaka-shi JAPAN